Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit

Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit

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Visonic Wireless Pet-Immune Motion Sensor Next+ K9-85 MCW
Battery operated. Detects motion for up to 15 mtrs and 90 degree angle. Completely detects motion in a room which is 15 mtr by 15 mtr. Battery operated with average battery life of over 1 year



Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit VPMCKit

28 Wireless Zones, which allows you to connect 28 Wireless detectors
Built-in PSTN(Telephone Line) communicator can be connected to existing fixed landline which can work as a backup to the GSM
Easy-to-add internal GSM Module:Just put in GSM module & SIM card inside the system to call and send SMS to 4 + 4 pre-defined numbers to receive all the alerts and alarms. The GSM module is inside the system thereby preventing the burgalar to disable the dialing by cutting of wires
Voice functionality: two-way voice communication, voice prompts, family message center
Access from remote telephones: You may access the Alarm System from a remote telephone by dialling to your land line number and Arm/Disarm it or receive system status information.
Looking after elderly, physically handicapped and infirm individuals: The system can be programmed to monitor activity within the protected area
Disarming under duress: If a user is forcibly compelled to disarm the system (for example at gun point), he can use a special code that disarms the system apparently as usual, but a silent call to pre-defined telephone numbers.
Battery supervision: You do not have to worry about ‘dead’ batteries. The Alarm System displays a ‘Low Battery’ message whenever a battery in a wireless sensor is found to be near the end of its useful life. When the battery voltage in the wireless siren is low, a low battery message is sent to the alarm system. After the low voltage message delivery, at least 2 siren alarms are possible before the siren is totally inactive.
Battery life of mininum 1 year for each sensor under optimal conditions
Latch key function which calls the owner when the panel is disarmed by an authorized user. Informs the owner when the shop/office is opened or parents when their children comes home
Completely wireless with only cable required for power to the main control unit and telephone line. Very easy installation for existing home and offices as it does not require any provision for wiring
In built 90 db siren in the panel itself
Provision to connect completely wireless outdoor siren with flashing lights which becomes a first visual deterent for the burglars. Under ideal conditions the battery life of the outdoor siren is 3 years
Easy operation for arm and disarm. Can be used by elderly or children or servent
Multiple arming modes:
AWAY: When nobody is in the premises
HOME: When you are inside the premises. You can assign which sensors will be armed and which are disarmed in this case.
AWAY-INSTANT: Arm the system without an entry delay when notbody is inside the premises.
HOME-INSTANT: Arm the system without an entry delay when the premises is occupied.
LATCHKEY: Get a notification when your children or staff disarms the system in your absence.
BYPASS: Leave certain individual sensors disarmed and partially arm the system

Range of optional completely wireless indoor and outdoor sensors and emergency buttons like Pet Immune Wireless Motion Detector, Magnetic Contact , Outdoor detector, Flood Detector, Advanced Acoustic Glass Break Wireless Detector and Wireless Smoke Detector
Two-way RF system with diversity antenna facilitates highly reliable radio communication
Partition-ready – controls up to 4 partitions
Easy-view LCD display and icon-based keypad
Back-up battery – supplies multiple peripherals and also backs up internal GSM/GPRS/IP modules
Full compliance with most international standards and regulations, including: FCC, CE and EN50131 grade 2

Kit Content
1 – PowerMax Complete Panel
1 – Wireless Keyfob (MCT-234)
1 – Wireless Door Contact (MCT-302)
1 – Pet Immune Wireless Motion Detector(K9-85))

Note: Installation Charges apply.
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