Visonic Emergency Pendent MCT-201

Visonic Wireless Panic Emergency Button Transmitter MCT-201

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Visonic Wireless Panic Emergency Button Transmitter MCT-201 with in-built LED. Battery life of more than 5 years. Low battery and temper alarm transmission to the control panel.



Visonic Wireless Panic Emergency Button Transmitter MCT-201
The MCT-201 is a miniature Visonic Wireless Panic Emergency button UHF transmitter, designed for use in advanced, high-security alarm and remote control systems.
Transmission is activated by depressing the recessed push button at the center of the unit.
When activated, it sends either an audible or silent panic alarm to the alarm panel.
The panel then sends an SMS to 4 pre-defined numbers and also calls 4 pre-defined numbers. Response Alarms also provides the software which can be installed in a control room where the alarm is sounded. Email, email reports and SMSs can also be sent automatically to the concerned person from the central monitoring system. Very easy to install and maintain as it does not require any extra hardware. Centeral monitoring system also supports both IP over local network or Internet and GSM module which works over the normal SIM card.
Operating power is obtained from an internal 12-volt alkaline battery. An LED lights during transmission, indicating the battery voltage condition. If the LED does not light during transmission, the battery must be replaced immediately.
In addition, a transmitter with such a low battery will automatically send a low battery code with each transmission.

Available only in 433.9 MHz.

Note: Installation Charges apply. This is not a standalone burglar Alarm. It requires one of the following panels to work together:

Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit PME (433) KIT

Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit With GSM PME (433) KIT

Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit VPMCKit
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Visonic Wireless Panic Emergency Button Transmitter MCT-201

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