Visonic Curtain Detector Clip-MCW

Visonic Wireless Curtain Motion Detector Clip MCW

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Visonic Wireless Curtain Motion Detector Clip MCW.

Great solution to protect doors, windows or large openings from intruders. Creates a curtain at the same time allows you to use the room without triggering an alarm. Battery life of more than 1 year. Low battery and panic alarm transmission to the control panel.



Visonic Wireless Curtain Motion Detector Clip MCW

Clip MCW is designed for the protection of doors, windows and all-glass walls.
Compatibility with members of the PowerMax family and all Visonic PowerCode wireless panels and receivers.
Fast and easy installation.
Clip MCW provides full perimeter protection while allowing consumers to normally and freely use the premises without triggering a false alarm.
Clip MCW uses algorithm to enable three different detection modes (2m, 4m, 6m) in a single detector, each programmable for optimal performance with the unit’s specific application.
Advanced motion analysis enables Clip MCW to distinguish human motion from other disturbances for the most accurate detection and the fewest false alarms.
3-volt long-life high power standard lithium battery.
Attractive, sleek design suitable for any home or office.
Includes additional internal input for connecting any hardwired device such as an occupancy sensor.

Available only in 433.9 MHz.

Note: Installation Charges apply. This is not a standalone burglar Alarm. It requires one of the following panels to work together:

Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit PME (433) KIT

Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit With GSM PME (433) KIT

Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit VPMCKit
Download “My Visonic” App from:

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Visonic Wireless Curtain Motion Detector Clip MCW

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