Visonic GSM Module GSM-350

Visonic Internal GSM Module

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Visonic internal GSM module supports normal GSM SIM card. You can receive calls and SMS for all the alerts and alarms on up to 8 different number. Send simple SMS commands to the panel to Arm, Disarm and to know the current status of the panel. Fits inside the control panel therefore no chance of cutting of wires to disable it.



Visonic Internal GSM Module

Supports three data channels – GPRS*, GSM and SMS – for high-speed and highly-reliable reporting.
Can be configured as a backup or primary reporting method.
Full event reporting.
Recommended for every home as a backup communication line in case of line failure or system sabotage.
Supports remote programming of the security system via the IPMP Management Platform or via dial-up over the GSM data channel.
Continuous monitoring of channel integrity and “signal loss” detection.
Supports SIA/IP, SIA and Contact ID monitoring protocols.
Support two-way voice communication.
Optional external antenna is available to enhance the GSM signal reception.
Works with PowerMaxPro, PowerMaxComplete and PowerMaxExpress GPRS-enabled control panels.

GSM 350/4 (900/1800MHz)

Available only in 433.9 MHz.

Note: Installation Charges apply. This is not a standalone burglar Alarm. It requires one of the following panels to work together:

Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit PME (433) KIT

Visonic Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit With GSM PME (433) KIT

Visonic PowerMax Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit VPMCKit
Download “My Visonic” App from:

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Visonic Internal GSM Module

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