Installation of IP CCTV and Multi-door Access Control

Access control and CCTV Installation

Installation of IP CCTV and Multi-door Access Control

Response Alarms successfully completed a major project for Opus Software Consulting Limited. A total of 28, 2 mega pixel varifocal cameras with 32 channel NVR from Hikvision to cover the premises spread on 2 floors of 15000 sq. feet each.

Apart from that 44 access control readers were installed to restrict access on 22 doors inside the premises of Syris make. The control of the access control was from 6 4-door controllers installed in the BMS room where it can be monitored from. Each door is also fitted with a magnetic contact which initiates an alarm in case the door is left open for more than 30 seconds. This is a very good feature and prevents a lot of un-authorized access.

Also the feature of Anti-Passback has been implemented which prevents employees leave the premises without being authorized for both In & Out entry of the doors.

We also provided a customized software for the different reports and automated processes with the help of in-house software development team.

Two NVRs where installed on the 2 floors where in 1 NVR kept as a backup for the 2nd NVR. In case of any kind of failure, customer had a backup NVR recording on the other floor.

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